• MyBadg.es is under development

  • Bands make badges

    for your live shows.
  • Cafes make badges

    for special menu items, or events.
  • Teams, make badges

    for player achievements, wins, and breaking records.
  • Friends create badges

    for road trips, inside jokes, anything to capture the memory.
  • Personal

    Make personal goals and achievements, and track your progress.
  • Schools, give badges

    for 'Student of the Week,' or spelling bees, or any class competition.
  • Gaming Clans create badges

    to track gaming wins.
  • Students create badges

    to track the completion of courses.
  • Local Communities create badges

    for events, and fund raisers.
  • Sales teams create badges

    for achieving sales goals.
  • Travelers make badges

    to track places they've been.
  • Foodies make badges

    to track top restaurants.
  • Golfers create badges

    to track the courses they've played on.

Gideon Marken : Developer - contact here